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          the power of the internet

          at a lol sle

          "With the onset of COVID-19, we wanted to stay open and to stay safe so we had to pivot. Scott made it possible strategilly, technologilly, and effectively."
          Steve Maly
          The Other Bean Sandwich Shop

          Support Lol everything

          These days lol businesses, like us, are depending on our neighbours. In some ses, just to stay afloat.

          You need your customers to skip the big boxes and to support you. In turn, you should to buy lol, too. That includes marketing: websites, social media, and advertising.

          Start with a made-in-Halifax plan so you n get back to growing your business instead of just surviving. Your?digital strategy is your online what, why, and how. Let’s build yours together.

          Remember, we’re all in competition with big players. Big companies export their profits from our lol economy. Sending money away, money that n no longer be spent here in Halifax at your restaurant, fé, or shop.

          Our suite of custom small business marketing solutions help you compete.?

          Ahead of the Curve

          Social media evolves fast. Big businesses are competing for the same customers with big teams and big budgets. We help navigate the ever-changing digital landspe, so you plan for, achieve, and measure your success.

          Web first, always.

          Some say you don’t need a website, that Facebook will do. They’re wrong. Use social media to find customers and to get them to visit your website. Why spend all your time and effort making someone else’s website great??

          small business solutions

          Powerful Websites

          We build fast, powerful websites that do what you need using the world's best software.

          Professional Email Hosting

          Professional, custom email matters. We set-up and manage the best email hosting services.

          Print Shop

          Our full-service print shop covers all the basics as well as the bigger custom jobs.

          Web Maintenance & Security

          We take full service to the next level with all your website needs in one simple package.

          Custom Training

          We n provide custom training for your team so you get the most out of your website.

          Graphic Design

          Creative design for everything from business rds and social media graphics to billboard design.


          Whether you're selling pizza or t-shirts, we n have you selling online in no time.

          Digital Advertising

          Get your brand front-row centre on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

          52 free actions for your small business

          Sign up today and we'll send you an actionable, free small business marketing idea every week for a year.
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